The Ultimate (re)Launch Package


The everything you need solution.

Perfect for any individual, business or non-profit that wants to launch - or relaunch - a brand, product, offer, campaign, initiative, or business.


Let us lift your launch.

You should take a hard pass on the hassle of piecing together a patchwork of your own attempts, contractors, creatives, and yes, even family members trying to get your next venture off the ground. Let us give you the boost you desperately desire to get up and running with a comprehensive launch package that includes everything you need for: 
  • Web
  • Brand
  • Design
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • and more

Everything you need to (re)start.

We customize everything listed below to your business needs and brand, for a low package price.

$7,500+ value 

  • 5-7 page custom WordPress website
  • Domain and hosting setup
  • Email setup (through Gsuite) 
  • Custom forms and Zapier integrations
  • Content development for all pages
  • Images and media (excluding custom video)
  • Blog and gallery setup (if needed)
  • The whole kit’n caboodle

$2,500+ value

  • Brand messaging consultation
  • About statements & brand thesis content
  • PDF brand guide
  • Brand marks: a variety of logos
  • Color palette selection
  • Font set pairing
  • Everything you need for brand identity

$4,500 value

  • Business Cards
  • Document Templates: Proposal, master service/purchase agreement, letterhead and work order.
  • Social Media Assets: Creation and initial setup of 3 social media platforms, cover photos for 3 social media platforms and post templates (3).

$5,500 value

  • General business ad sets
  • Complete content marketing campaign: PDF resource (main asset), email drip (with 3 emails), social media posts, and ads.
  • Sales letter PDF
  • 12-month content calendar for blog and social
  • Full e-commerce sales and auction solutions
  • Custom videos: explainer videos, intro videos, product overview/highlight videos
  • Learning management systems: employee training and client on-boarding
  • Blog and social media content creation and scheduling/posting
  • Corporate filings preparation: EIN application and LLC or S-corp filing with state (as Statutory Agent)
  • Web hosting and site maintenance: plugin updates and security optimizations
  • Just about anything web, brand, marketing, digital, and messaging

How it works

  • 1

    Make a decision

    You decide that working with WellTold is the best idea you’ve had since you had your big idea.

  • 2

    fill out the form

    You fill out the form on our contact page to start the conversation and come to terms.

  • 3

    kick it off

    We have a kick-off meeting to introduce ourselves and understanding your business.

  • 4

    come to terms

    We send over our master Service Agreement that clearly explains details and timelines.

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— The Offer

More than a package deal

Everyone knows how a package deal works. You buy more, you pay less. This package is (actually, really, not-inflated, not exaggerated, real-pricing) valued at over $20,000. And that’s a fair price for a great client on a good day. 

To grow our business by providing great clients with wonderful solutions we are offering the total package for $9,500. 

For those who don’t like math, that’s less than half price. Now that’s a good offer.

Ready to launch?

Get everything you need and make us be your Launch Partner!
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not convinced?

Not only will you save thousands of dollars by letting us handle what we do best - comprehensive, holistic business solutions - You’ll also save hundreds of hours of your valuable time. This is going to take us a lot of time, and we really know what we’re doing. 

If you try to do all this yourself - or hire the wrong company - you’ll waste hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and many sleepless nights wishing you had hired us to tell your story well. 

Let’s have a no commitment and a NO PRESSURE discussion about your needs. Call or email Ben, or fill out this form to get the conversation started.
— another option

An interactive workshop with tangible deliverables.

There really isn’t anything like this that we’ve found. Which is one reason why we made it! If you know you need all this stuff, but need to save some money and can wait a little bit; and, if you want to be more involved in the process of making all this stuff, consider coming to our Vanguard Workshop where you’ll get to build your own solutions with the help of our web, design, and marketing professionals.

During this 3-day workshop you (and your team) will learn everything you need to know and actually build these items - with our help - so you leave the workshop with all of the above stuff already finished and ready to go! 

There's nothing quite like this that we’ve found. Which is one reason why we made it! We’ve created this workshop to give owners and stakeholders a more “hand’s on” experience while learning valuable insights and saving money - coming away with deliverables you can use right way. 

You’ll leave with everything you need to get your business or idea off the ground. This is NOT another conference where you get a bunch of best practices shoved down your throat and leave with more questions than answers. This is a brand-new (pun intended) workshop experience where you are involved in learning and making, on the spot. 

Think of it like a cooking class where you get to eat the dinner - but for web, brand, and marketing - where you leave with all the assets you need for the launch of your next big thing. 

The best part, the cost of this workshop is only $4,500. Which is a saving’s of 75% off the real value of all the deliverables you’ll walk away with. 

Plus, you (or your team) will learn how to do this stuff yourself. Learn more and sign up for our next workshop by calling or emailing Ben to see if it's the right fit for you.

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